SelaQui Academy of Higher Education

Promoted by The Gurukul Trust, SelaQui Academy of Higher Education nurtures talent and fosters creativity by helping students invoke their innate strength, explore their potential, and experiment with new ideas and provide thought leadership. It provides stimulating environment and is backed by research and consultancy.

Its governance is based on the principles of trust, ethics, transparency and high societal values. SAHE attempts to develop a spirit of collaboration, competition, and team-building through a series of co-curricular and sports activities on our vast and excellent sports infrastructure unmatched by any other institution. Leadership and Entrepreneurship represents the core of our purpose.

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SelaQui International School

SelaQui International School is one of the most dynamic upcoming International boarding schools in India. It is a fully residential co-educational school located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand catering to the educational and co-curricular needs of students from India and abroad. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi, and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Geneva and offers the ICSE, ISC and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma curriculum.

Uttarakhand is a region of outstanding natural beauty. Bordered by Himachal Pradesh in the west and Uttar Pradesh in the south, the location is perfect for a residential school.
SelaQui International School is dedicated to providing quality education and making students well versed in extracurricular activities. As an International, co-educational residential school, the school offers ultra modern hostels for girls and boys. The design, interiors and furnishing of the student lodgings is among the best in India.

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Principal's Forum

As the purpose, goal and scholastic & co-scholastic processes of school education evolve in response to societal, cultural, educational and demographic changes, they present newer situations and challenges that the principals, as school leaders must address. It calls for appropriate attitudes, values, skills and competencies that principals of today’s and tomorrow’s schools must acquire and demonstrate. They must not only grapple with these new challenges, but also prepare students for the world beyond school – in their post secondary vocations or institutions of higher education.

Principals FORUM is a movement, a program and a web portal. In any or all of its avatars, the professional and personal challenges, opportunities and needs of the principals and their schools would be addressed. It is a collaboration virtual; through the web and physical; through conclaves, round tables, conferences and other modes, amongst teachers, principals, researchers, trainers, institutions, schools and school administrators in providing quality education conforming to global standards. 
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TeacherSITY is an empowerment movement for K12 teachers all over the country. Policy makers, Examining Boards, School administrators, principals and teachers have come together to lead the Teacher Empowerment movement. TeacherSITY is an organised and structured approach towards Teacher Empowerment.

Through a series of professional development programs, access to research and teaching resources, community networks and web-based interventions & support, TeacherSITY is poised to help teacher re-invent themselves and their profession of teaching to meet the challenges of the 21st century learners. TeacherSITY, a collaborative initiative of THE GURUKUL TRUST, is a response to empower teachers enabling them to evolve professionally and personally, such that they equip themselves, intellectually, academically and spiritually to be able to support student needs..........

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Center for Urban Governance

Focus of CUG is on development of human resource, a defining imperative for sound urban planning, infrastructure development, governance and delivery of urban services. Development of city infrastructure not only in India but across all emerging economies has been sluggish and inefficient, in both quantitative and qualitative terms, leading to unplanned Growth – resulting in Congestion, inadequate services infrastructure and mushrooming slums. Besides, there is inefficient & indifferent management of existing infrastructure and resources

Core issues are quality and adequacy of basic urban services; inclusive access to these services in cities, big and small; and steps to augment supplies, reduce losses and improve efficiency of services. CUG addresses the training and professional development needs of the practicing managers, through short term and focused programs for functional domains of urban and municipal governance. Alongside, it is also preparing to introduce entry-level programs for professionals for almost every domain of urban governance that includes urban design; urban planning; boosting economic opportunities; asset creation, operations & maintenance of infrastructure efficient delivery of urban services.

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IQube is aimed at unification of R&D efforts of industry, academia & R&D laboratories. The research & development resources in the country are scattered in there is generally absence of symbiotic coordination between them. On one hand we have our premier academic institutions having renowned faculty and enthusiastic students who are doing work on fundamental theoretical research. These people don’t have access to pilot plant, full scale manufacturing units or application testing facilities to take their work to its logical destination.

On the other hand, big players of the industry have pilot facilities and large manufacturing units, understand the applications but are too occupied with routine product development activities. There is also an absence of connect with the fundamental work going on at academic institutions. Smaller operators do not have even pilot plants. Third dimensions to the arena are R&D laboratories with plethora of R&D facilities and may get mutually benefitted by interfacing with both academia & industry. IQube unifies the efforts by providing platforms of interactions and being an interface for translation of fundamental knowledge generated in academia and R&D laboratories into meaningful applications useful for industry and for society. 


IndAcad is a collection of initiatives undertaken to nurture innovations & inventions in the field of science & technology, by developing a culture of shared learning across stakeholders; research labs, Industry and Institutions. 
Our country already has vast resources available in the field of generation, dissemination and application of knowledge. Numerous research organisations are engaged in carrying out fundamental research in different government and private research organisations. Many institutions in the field of science & technology are disseminating the knowledge to the students who in turn would transform the said knowledge into productive usage of society, by contributing in industrial enterprises.

The reality is somewhat different. There is a visible disconnect between various institutions. The R&D laboratories are delinked with the real application requirements of the society. The finest brains in the academia don’t have access to the pilot plants to give usable shape to the concepts developed in the laboratories and the industry personnel with these pilot plants with them don’t have time and intellectual resources to work on path-breaking research and development activities. 
Endeavour of IndAcad is to bridge this gap at different levels by way of different initiatives.


TechINOvent is an annual tech-fest, which will be aimed to nurture innovations & inventions in the field of science & technology, provide a platform to engineering students to showcase their innovative ideas in action and foster the culture of application based learning. Innovative projects conceived and executed by students at undergraduate and postgraduate level in science and engineering disciplines would be evaluated through multi-stage evaluation process carried out by eminent jury members from apex institutions of the country such as IITs & IISc etc.

Members of the industry would also be invited to participate and share their views and wisdom with the participants. It is proposed to be a pan India endeavour and expected to provide a platform to the students to showcase their innovative work to most distinguished personalities in the field of research & development coming from R&D laboratories, academia and industry. The process would not end with the selection of the champion projects. An associate initiative of The Gurukul Trust, IQube, would take these projects and tie up with members of the industry to take it to the final stage of development and application.

News & Events

  • Training Programme on "Solid Waste Management" FOR MUNICIPAL FUNCTIONARIES OF UTTARAKHAND
  • Engineering & Management students visited IPCA Laboratories Ltd. for overview of routine functional activities
  • SAHE workshop for Cyber Crimes and Law
  • Engineering students visited Talbros Ltd. for industrial visit